Case Study – Ina Parson


INA-PARSON-PIna Parson has created a wonderful bridal jewelry business all through word of mouth. Ina decided that she wanted to grow her business and maximize her efforts. She wanted to reach a larger audience and knew she wanted a website. Ina wanted a website she could show to potential clients the type of unique bridal pieces she has to offer. Ina came to us to build her first website for her company.
Through our conversations we realized Ina needed much more than just a website. Ina needed help in marketing her business and developing her brand. We had further discussions about  her business and her goals. Once we felt we had a good understanding of her business we set to work developing a comprehensive strategy.
We developed an ambitious plan that called for a complete brand and identity makeover. We began by creating two new logos, collateral and a tagline for the company. We developed all new copy and talking points for the brand to be used in both print and digital. We began production on the website with a focus on showcasing the vast bridal collection and introducing the brand to a wider audience. We went so far as to name each individual piece of her entire bridal collection!
The final component was to create the social media platforms that would support the growth and the ongoing customer engagement that Ina felt was a cornerstone to the success of her company. We wanted to make it easier for clients and her target audience to stay up to date with the Ina Parson brand. We compiled a database for email marketing that would allow Ina to keep her subscribers informed about relative news and specials. The mojo3 team developed her newsletter as another vehicle for Ina to connect and we continue to help Ina with the company’s email marketing campaigns.
Ina continues to refer fellow business owners to mojo3 to utilize our unique skill set. We can’t think of a better testament to the job we’ve done and the one we continue to do – helping Ina Parson Bridal become the must have jewelry for the discerning bride.