The New York City Football Club opened up the submission process of selecting a logo for the new MLS soccer team for NYC. We began by looking closely at the existing logos for the New York sports teams as well as the logos of the MLS soccer clubs to get a sense of design aesthetic and a direction to move in. We then spent significant time researching NYC, existing landmarks and what makes New York – New York. We settled on incorporating elements of the Statue of Liberty – an iconic symbol that all could recognize as both a symbol of New York as well as what our country values. We felt the Statue of Liberty and the torch would be great focal points that would justly represent the city of New York. Unfortunately we were not selected as the winner but we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and I am very proud of the effort our team put forth and the work that we created. Regardless of the outcome we wanted to share with you the work that we created and give a bit of insight into our process.