What to expect when having a website built

September 4, 2014    

So you’d like a website – not sure what to expect? Below is an overview of some of the more common aspects involved in the process. We’ve found that it is very important to be as informative as possible when discussing the process with our clients and potential clients. Like anything in life – communication is the key.

Below is a list of common steps in the process of web design and development and what is involved to bring a site live.

Phases of website development:

Discovery. Conduct interviews, focus groups, social network analysis, organizational mapping, audience analysis, design exploration, create mood boards.

Functional needs assessment. List key user functions, identify content sources, plan for metrics, designate site managers.

Technical needs assessment. Present functional needs, a coherent budget, and then this is where we let the tech gurus take over.

Wireframes. Confirm the basic structure and layout of main content types. Get consensus on general look and feel,

Design. This is a great opportunity to ensure that both client and developer are on the same page about the look and feel of the site.

Content migration plan and/or content management plan. Identify existing content and where it goes and with the input of the client develop a plan for new content.

Quality assurance testing. Click everything, use a ticketing system to track and prioritize fixes.

Beta testing. User scenarios, workshops, focus groups, surveys. Kick the tires a bit.

Pre-launch preparation. Write help text – FAQs, user guides, create site tours, plan accordingly for new content for launch and just after launch.

Engagement and marketing strategy. Determine site objectives, align messaging with objectives and audience segments, build in sustainability. Brand marketing appropriately to sync with the look and feel of the new site.

Ongoing tech support. Establish system and expectations for meeting the needs of the client. Guarantee responsive, respectful customer service.

Piece of cake, right? We can help.

We believe that making sure our clients know what to expect and when to expect it is paramount to a smooth and well ran project managed jointly by both the client and the service provider.



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